Camping fun

Apologies that I haven’t posted yet this week – we’re on a home education camp with limited internet but lots of fun, food for thought, and that all-important socialisation that we apparently miss by not being in school. 

I’m loving the old-time village atmosphere, where the kids roam free together and come home when they are hungry, you don’t have to lock your door, the young people are respectful and helpful, and there’s a strong sense of community.  

I’m loving the teaching, and the conversations with people. They are fun, and deep, and inspiring. 

I’m loving the rest from preparing lessons and supervising writing and maths, even though I am still washing and cooking and doing dishes. 

I’ve made blackberry crumble from berries my kids foraged for me. I’ve watched my kids do country dancing, and run off hand in hand with new friends, and find the courage to look an adult in the eye and thank them (a big step for us). 

I’ve stayed up way too late chatting with old and new friends, and wrestled my kids into bed when they really just want to keep playing. 

It’s great, and I will post again when it’s done and normal life hits. For now, I need to sleep and get some energy for tomorrow. And see if I can find somewhere with enough internet to post this….


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