Weekly wrap-up: or why I love home educating

I was thinking today about how much I love home educating. Some days I think I don’t. Days when one child is yelling about how she doesn’t like maths, another child is telling me that she hates school, another child is scribbling all over her work, the baby is getting into everything she shouldn’t, and the dog is dragging her manky blanket over all the school books.

But those days are few and far between. Not the days when the baby gets into everything. That happens most days (She’s “helping” me type this right now). I mean the days when I just want to load everyone into the car and push them out at the nearest school gate, then drive like a mad woman to the airport.

Most days, I sit and watch the learning happening, and think “I’m so blessed to be able to do this”.

Today I saw Snugglepot draw a picture in her history journal of grave robbers robbing a beehive-shaped tomb of a Mycenaean king. I saw Bookworm drawing a picture of the birth of the Greek goddess Athena from Zeus’ head, and I saw her use the word “for” correctly in a sentence, then tell me that she’d used it because she was learning about coordinating conjunctions a few days ago and realised that she was joining two thoughts and needed to use one.

Confession: I had never heard of the Mycenaeans until we read about them this year in history. And I didn’t know what a coordinating conjunction was.

I am learning so much, right along with my kids. And. I. love. it.

I love seeing their eyes light up as they make connections. When they understand that the planet Mars is called that because it’s red like blood and Mars is the Roman name for Ares, the Greek god of war.

I love seeing them turn with excitement to tell me that four is a homophone. And that bow is a homonym. Just because they noticed.

I love seeing them watch, enraptured, a harp recital. Did you know that harps have pedals? Or that harp players don’t use their little fingers when playing? We do, now.

I love watching them spend ages playing a game inspired by Swallows and Amazons, drawing up ship’s papers, making a chart of their island, allocating roles of Captain, Mate and Able Seaman, and sailing off on adventures.

We discovered this week that the Hittites came from Turkey, and were famous for their iron. There was a knife with a Hittite blade discovered in Tutankhamun’s tomb.

We have encountered the Psammead in Five Children and It. Read aloud time is a beloved part of our day, and it is so lovely to see my girls enjoying books as much as I do.

The two oldest girls and I have done some crochet, and Buttercup has surprised me with some very neat embroidery.

These are some of the things that we have learnt about this week. Lest you think our days are full of sunshine and happy learning, I have also been screamed at many times this week. I have had a headache most days. My house needs baby-proofing again because Rosebud is cruising along furniture and the living room is not set up for an active baby. One of the girls said today “I hate bookwork!”. I have a messy kitchen and I have had a Mount Everest of washing in the basket for most of the week. I haven’t had nearly enough sleep to function normally.

And yet, I love what I do. It’s great fun as well as being very very hard. I’m seeing my little people learn to love learning. I think I’ll keep my day job!

Have you learnt anything interesting this week? I’d love to hear it!



2 thoughts on “Weekly wrap-up: or why I love home educating

    • I’m so glad that you are enjoying my blog! There is definitely more coming – I have had a busy summer and a bit of an issue with computer access (note to self: don’t spill tea on your laptop). But I’m working on a new post now!


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