Braille, sunshine, and the lure of the school gate

This week the Disorganised Homeschool really lived up to its name. It was one of those weeks where somehow we struggled to get everything done. We had a busy week of appointments, which really didn’t help, but in between we just flagged.

We had taken last Friday off as a long weekend, so we really should have been leaping in with enthusiasm this week, but things just didn’t go like that.

It all began with the start of summer – an early June that felt more like early February. Bleak, dark, drizzly and cold. It infected all of us and on Tuesday morning we had a bad case of “I-just-want-to-crawl-back-into-bed-with-a-book-and-a-cup-of-tea-itis”. In hindsight we should have done just that. But I knew that we had done hardly any work on Monday, would be out for our regular mums’ bible study group at church on Wednesday morning, and would be busy for most of Thursday (it really was one of those weeks), so I insisted that School Was Important And We Must Get Our Bookwork Done. Of course, all that happened was that Bookworm complained about how much work she had (which she really didn’t), and I felt, for the first time in the 18 months that we have been home educating, the intense desire to load her into the car and drop her off at the nearest school gate. I got upset, she got upset, and we both ended up in tears. Fortunately, as is always the case with my sweet Bookworm, the tears turned to cuddles, I decided I wanted to home educate after all, and things improved.

In the last half of this week, the sun has come out and our tempers have considerably improved. We went to have lunch and spend the afternoon with some dear friends yesterday, and driving through the English countryside in the sunshine was balm to my soul. As was the cup of tea we shared, and the conversation we had.

On the way there the girls and I were talking about being blind, and ended up having a long conversation about Braille. This morning I decided to grasp the Interest-Led-Learning bull by the horns and do some Braille. So I found a Braille alphabet chart, some worksheets, and a Braille font for Word. Bookworm and Snugglepot filled in the worksheets (colouring dots to spell words) with great enthusiasm this morning. This afternoon I greeted them with a note for them to decode in Braille, and they loved it so much that they asked for another one. So I hid a snack for them in the bathroom and typed up a Braille clue for them to solve to find it. They love treasure hunts, so this was a huge hit. I can see that this is going to be an ongoing project!

The week has, therefore, finished on a high note, and though admittedly we haven’t covered a whole lot of our scheduled bookwork, we rediscovered the joy of learning. Which after all, is why we do this homeschool thing.

treasure hunts + braille + snacks = lots of fun!
treasure hunts + braille + snacks = lots of fun!

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